Pavel Bořkovec Quartet

The quartet was founded in 2011 and during its existence it has managed to garner success mainly through unusual dramaturgy. In addition to works by classical quartet literature, as well as contemporary works by their peers, the focus of PBQ’s work lies in Pavel Bořkovec’s quartet work, which was made by the quartet for Czech Radio. The violinist of the quartet, Matěj Kroupa, is Bořkovec’s great-grandson and, in addition to promoting Bořkovec’s work, he also composes theater and film music.
Here’s something else that makes the quartet exceptional: two members (Matěj Kroupa and Alexey Aslamas) compose and arrange everything, which increases PBQ’s self-sufficiency. This also allows the group to expand into multiple genres.. The proof can be seen in the cooperation with Michal Pavlíček and Monika Načeva. The quartet’s efforts to consistently present contemporary Czech music resulted, among other things, in collaboration with Jiří Adámek and Martin Smolka at the chamber
opera The Maze of Lists. PBQ is also a finalist in the Johannes Brahms Competition Pörtschach (Austria 2018).