Alexey Aslamas / 1st violin

After studying with Prof. Bohumil Kotmel at the Brno Conservatory, he transferred to the Prague Conservatory and studied under Prof. Pavel Kudelásk. Under his leadership, in 2005 he graduated from the Conservatory with a violin concerto No. 1 by Dmitri Shostakovich, accompanied by the Prague Conservatory Symphony Orchestra. In that same year, he was accepted into the class of Doc. Jindřich Pazdera. In 2008-11 he studied at the International Menuhin Music Academy Gstaad in Switzerland with maestro Alberto Lysy and Liviu Prunar. During his studies he took part in various master classes (Prof. Semion Jaroševič, Attila Falvay, Bogdan Zvoristeanu, Mihaela Martin, Philippe Graffin, Stanimir Todorov, Ettore Causa, Hagai Shah and maestro Maxim Vengerov).
His achievements include prizes won at competitions in Interlaken (Switzerland, 2005), San Sebastian (Spain, 2008), Schwerin (Germany, 2010), and Chamonix (France, 2011). Alexey Aslamas is actively involved in chamber music (2005-2009 – member of the Kapr Quartet, 2008-2011 member of the IMMA Quartet); since 2011 he has been the principal of the Pavel Bořkovec String Quartet).
Additionally, he practices widely diverse styles ranging from blues, funk, psytrance, as well as hip hop (collaboration with the bands Cradle of Filth, Acute Dose, producers DJs Opia, Sirian). As an arranger, he collaborates with the Epoque Quartet, MIB Quartet, Apollon Quartet, Michal Pavlíček, Monika Načeva, etc.

Ondřej Hás / 2nd violin

From 2000-2006 he studied at the Ostrava Conservatory with Prof. Irena Vítková. In 2006 he was admitted to the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague to work with Prof. Ivan Strause. In 2011, he completed a master’s degree at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague with Prof. Jiří Panochy. He participated in international interpretation competitions in the Czech Republic, Poland (1st prize), and Slovakia. At the conservatory he toured with the European Orchestra of Young Artists (EUYO)
to Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic. As a soloist with the Janáček Philharmonic in Ostrava, he performed violin concerts by Aram Khachaturian and P. I. Tchaikovsky. Since studying at HAMU, he has devoted
himself to the interpretation of modern and contemporary works. Thanks to this, he performs in chamber ensembles such as the Berg Chamber Orchestra, the Pavel Haas Chamber Orchestra and the Quattro Chamber Orchestra. In 2012, he became a
member of the Pavel Bořkovec Quartet.
In 2015, he successfully passed the audition for the National Theater Orchestra for the position of tutti player in the prime group. Two years later, he became concertmaster of the National Theater Orchestra.

Matěj Kroupa / viola

He graduated from the Prague Conservatory (violin) and continued his studies at HAMU in the class of Prof. J. Pěrušky (viola, abs. 2011). Since 2004 he has been the choirmaster of the Grande Bande amateur choir, co-founded the Lamborghini and PBQ quartets, and played in a music group at the Minor Theater, as well as in the orchestra of the Karlín Music Theater. He has collaborated with several ensembles (Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, Vertigo) and has been composing stage music for theater since the 1990s (he began collaborating with Miroslav Krobot, working with Jan Jirků, Zdeněk Bartoš, Jaroslava Šiktancová, and Šimon Dominik, among others). He met J.A. Pitínský as a performer in two of his productions – King Oedipús and The Vain Questioning of Heaven – at the Archa Theater, and wrote music for his production Bluesmeni (Petr Bezruč Theater) in Ostrava, At the National Theater, he is the author of music for the productions Strakonický Dudák and 1789. He has received writing credits for the music in M. Krobot’s film, Quartet.

Štěpán Drtina / cello

Štěpán has been playing the cello since he was six years old. He is a graduate of the Prague Conservatory with Renata Strašrybková and HAMU in Prague, where he took classes with Prof. Miroslav Petráš and Michal Kaňka. He has participated in many interpretation competitions: the Prague Junior Note, international competitions in Liezen, Austria (2004 and 2008), as well as the international Beethoven’s Hradec (2005 and 2008), the Conservatory Competition in Teplice in 2005 and the B. Martinů
Foundation Competition (2012). He studied interpretation with Miroslav Zicha, Jiří Bárta, Dmitri Ferschtman, Anner Bylsma, Wolfgang Boettcher, Lugwig Quandt and Rudolf Gleissner. In addition to chamber music, he is also involved in orchestral
activities. In the 2009/10 season he was a member of the Orchestral Academy of the Prague Chamber Philharmonic, where in 2014, he received a scholarship from the Jiří Kout Endowment Fund. In 2010 and 2013 he toured with the Gustav Mahler
Jugendorchester and regularly collaborates with other Czech orchestras and ensembles (Berg, Talich Chamber Philharmonic, Prague Modern, Ensemble Mondschein, etc.). He was the deputy concertmaster of the cello in the orchestra of the F. X. Šalda Theater in Liberec until 2018.