The Pavel Bořkovec Quartet performed excellently, even in [Brahm’s] interpretively demanding composition. The whole ensemble provided a virtuoso performance. / Pavel Bořkovec Quartet nadchli v Atriu

The message of one of the oldest Beethoven’s quartets was perfectly captured by the players it looked youthfully fresh, at times even impudent, especially in the Variations when the composer put out his tongue at the audience. It’s been a long since a Beethoven’s quartet ruffed me up, entertained me and impressed me at the same time like this evening.

Časopis Harmonie / Martin Jemelka

It occurred to us that contemporary music is underestimated, even by contemporary performers. There are few ensembles that devote themselves professionally to modern classical music like this. / Smyčcové kvarteto Pavla Bořkovce na scéně

Musicians do not inhibit, but approach the essence of the song and singer’s speech, sensitively and respectfully, and it is the interplay and harmony that are most valuable. They add charisma and atmosphere. / Romantická i lyrická bilance Moniky Načevy

Enchanting with the strings. / Ondřej Bezr, Lidové noviny